LPM specializes in educating and preparing parties to reach their goals by incorporating sound business practices and life skills in their lives and companies.

“ Perception is everything ” when it comes to the human mind and how we interpret communication. We walk, talk, and act on impulses, reactionary attitudes, proactive attitudes, habits, experience, education, culture, and all of the special characteristics that make us unique. We do not see and perceive things in the same way as others may see and perceive things. When conflict arises, it is generally a “difference of perception.” LPM's services are geared toward helping our clients embrace conflict as an opportunity instead of a problem. We help the parties explore the conflict, obtain a meeting of the minds, understand change, explore options, and move forward.

What if the parties cannot agree? No problem. Many times the disputants need time to process the information, gather further data, or they simply fail to agree for a variety of reasons. We empower the parties to “agree to disagree” and move forward. This alternative process allows the parties to set workable ground rules, including contingencies, when necessary. This allows the parties to keep the dispute contained and still move toward resolution.

When a conflict or dispute has escalated into litigation, we can help to resolve and/or manage the litigation through various tools, education, and processes such as:


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