FLEXIBILITY: We offer both short and long-term relationships that are tailored to your business objectives and are as flexible as they are effective.

AS NEEDED: Our fees are based on your needs and company size. We can arrange hourly, daily or project fees. We can also provide retainer services for a monthly fee. You can cancel the relationship at any time with a prorated refund.

TRAINING AND CONSULTING: We offer one-on-one consulting as well as group training. The fees are based on the number of persons attending, the length of the training (or consulting), and your needs. Our goal is to assist your company in educating all employees in lawsuit prevention and conflict management.

RETAINER RELATIONSHIPS: Some of our clients prefer an on-going relationship that enables them to pick up the phone, ask a question or know that we will be there when they need us for minor or major events. Having a retainer relationship is not only an appealing alternative when a company does not want the hourly concern, but it is usually cost-effective.

RETAINER FOR NEUTRAL INVESTIGATIONS: Prompt, professional Employment Discrimination investigations and workplace claims are a critical part of what we do. Claimants (and attorneys on cross-examination) often are concerned with fairness and impartiality when investigators are paid by the company/corporation. To eliminate any concern of bias based on payment, LPM requires that its fees be placed into the corporate trust account prior to any investigation. We have found that this solution this alleviates the “claimant's” concern about fairness and impartiality, and our veracity is not challenged should we need to testify later regarding our findings.

CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED: For your convenience, we now accept credit card payments for all services and products provided.


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