ALL group activity should be looked at as a consensus-building forum. This does not mean that all parties have to agree because often it is through conflict and dissent that all sides of an issue are examined. The balance in any group negotiation is to maintain a level playing field while allowing all parties to be heard.

Most disputes and lawsuits evolve because of misunderstandings, miscommunication of problems, and a difference of perception. Most disputes can be focused and resolved early when disputants feel that their concerns and issues have been heard and addressed. A neutral, proactive facilitator (mediator) can balance the playing field and assist the parties in innovative resolutions for win-win results.

A key component in facilitation and group negotiation is neutrality. There are always resolutions, and facilitation can be advantages in any situation including:

  • Land use issues
  • Planning issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Permit issues
  • Boundary disputes
  • Construction defects
  • Zoning problems
  • Homeowner association issues
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Interagency disputes
  • Regional disputes
  • Labor / Management Issues
  • Business Disputes
  • Real estate issues

    Proactive facilitation, brainstorming, and impasse breaking are the stock and trade of Lawsuit Prevention & Management®. Our firm explores innovative options that are unique and fit everyone’s needs without merely splitting the difference.




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